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...Raising the Next Breed of Techies.

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 Holiday Coding Camp

In Holiday’s Code Camp, the children/teens will be exposed to:
-Scratch & Python Programming,
-Mobile & Web App Development,
-Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

IoT Workshops/Exhibitions

IoT (Internet of Things) Workshops are training where children are exposed to principles of automation,Robotics and Cloud Computing.

Weekend Coding Classes

This program is available for guardians that want to enroll their children for our weekend classes that runs only on Saturdays. The kids will be exposed to any package that their guardians select for them.

Latest News

Our Tech Incredibles bag DMOMA 2020 Recognition Award.

Our two girls who developed a mobile app called SALVAGE for COVID-19 contact tracing have been recognized for their solution. Salvage is a mobile app solution that helps in containing[…]

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Two sisters, Biobele and Belema Briggs, in Port Harcourt have developed a mobile application that will help to curtail the spread of COVID-19 as their solution for the TECHNOVATION CHALLENGE[…]

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Four Port Harcourt Young Girls set to curb the rate of successful kidnaps with their innovative solution.

Four Port Harcourt young girls aged between 15-16 years, have developed a mobile application that helps track kidnap victims in response to rising global concerns. One of the girls nearly[…]

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A few things we’re great at

We equip kids/teens (4-18 years) with skills in:


We expose kids/teens (Age 8+) to :
-Electric Circuit Interpretation & Building.

-Principles of Automation/Laws of Robotics.
-Arduino Programming &

-Various DIY Projects.


We teach kids/teen (Age 9+) how to develop static & dynamic mobile applications for both Andriod & iOS devices using:

-MIT App Inventor &



We also train kids/teens on the fundamentals of Computer Programming (Variables, Datatypes, Decision Making & Loops) using SCRATCH 3.0 (Age 4-9) and PYTHON 3 (Age 10+).


We nuture kids/teens to become professional web developers by introducing them to HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript (Age 11+) for front-end and node.js for backend (Age 14+)


We expose kids/teens (Age 8+) to :
-Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
-Google DialogFlow (api.ai)
-Integration of AI ChatBots.


CODE AMBASSADORS is a campaign to raise young tech solution providers across all fields, catching them young in technology. The program is opened to children/teenagers ranging from 4-18 years of age.

We specialize on introducing real knowledge of Science and Technology by exposing kids/teens to coding, electrical electronics simulation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) so they can leverage on them for their technological innovations.

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Journey so Far

With a total commitment in raising the next breed of techies we have made the following impact:

Students trained

happy clients


Client Testimonials

This is what our amazing Clients’ say about us:

Code Ambassadors deliver the best I have seen so far on coding and robotics for children and teens. I have at one time or the other enrolled my four kids for training in coding and robotics; and, I can say I have been quite impressed by what they can each do in a short time of learning! I can attest to the fact that Code Ambassadors have the right tools and exposure for bringing kids into a new world of tech and innovativeness.

Pastor Richard Adekola

Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

Our Happy Clients 

Some of our esteemed Clients & Sponors.


We have partnered to do some amazing projects and we also have some individual projects ongoing.

Codegaminators Jnr

Over 600 kids were train in Robotics, Coding & Design during the Summer Holiday. At the end of the program the kids exhibited some projects they did such as eWaste App, Detector App, Water Level Montoring & Control System, Bluetooth Controlled Car, etc.

Code Challenge 2017

Some selected number from Missionaries Senior Secondary Schools learnt Java Programing & Robotics. They built amazing softwares afterwards such as Voice Recognition Notepad for the Blinds, etc.

Orphans Can Code

We flagged off, Orphans can code, a coding workshop program organized for the orphans where they will be trained on Mobile/Web App Development as well as Robotics. At the end of the workshop, gift items will be presented to the orphanage home.

Our target is to equip as many orphans as we can to latest tech tools.

Let’s hear from you.

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