Our Approach

Here are our Top-Notch Approaches we use to expose kids to Tech!

FUN hands-on activities

Our program focuses on fun, interactive and engaging activities that allow our students to participate actively in the learning process.

age-appropriate language

Our program explains technology to a child in a very simple and easy-to-understand way. We break down complex concepts into simple terms.


 Our program is designed to help our students analyze any challenges that may arise during the process and provide solutions to overcome them. 

Encourage creativity

Tech is a creative field, so our program encourages our students to explore their creativity by designing and building their own projects.

Collaborative Learning

Our program involves students working together in groups to solve problems, share ideas, and learn from one another.

real-world applications

We teach our students how tech is used in the real world, and how it can be used to solve problems and make a difference in people’s lives. 


CODE AMBASSADORS is an academy that raises young tech solution providers across all fields, catching them young in technology. Our program is opened to children/teenagers ranging from 6-17 years of age.


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