Scratch Programming

In this beginner course, we provide foundational computer science training using MIT’s Scratch 3.0 block-based platform.

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Learn to design interactive games and animations using Scratch.

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What Your Child Will Learn

Learn to design interactive games using Scratch, an easy to learn block-based visual coding language developed by MIT lab and sponsored by Google, Amazon and Lego . Scratch’s drag-and-drop interface with colorful blocks makes it easy for students to learn and get introduced to coding concepts.

As students create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

Our project based learning approach to Scratch keeps the learning fun and engaging, while ensuring a solid foundation in CS.

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Code Ambassadors Lab is an organization with the goal of equipping and raising young minds with the skill to provide high-level computer/hardware solutions that solve the problems of our global community.

We achieve this by exposing them to practical knowledge of Science and Technology through the use of programming, electronics, robotics, and artificial intelligence.